Preemption: Jeff Backer doesn’t know about bill he co-authored

State representative Pat Garofalo’s HF600, which would preempt local control of employment standards like minimum wages, paid sick leave and such things, was much in the news.

After watching some of the hearings about this legislation and reading articles like Erin Golden’s Bill undoing St. Paul, Minneapolis sick leave measures moves forward in Minn. House in the Star Tribune and Chris Conry’s Statewide preemption: The most dangerous bill you’ve never heard of at MinnPost, we wrote our state representative Jeff Backer, R-Browns Valley, asking him to oppose any efforts to preempt local control of labor standards on the part of local government.

We received this response via email from Representative Backer:

Thank you for contacting me with your concerns about paid sick days and minimum wage. At this time I do not know of any bills that have been introduced but will keep your concerns, along with the concerns of all my constituents in mind, when these type of bills come along.
Thank you for emailing me and feel free to contact me anytime regarding any concerns you have regarding upcoming legislation.

Jeff Backer

State Representative, District 12A

Given the prominent coverage of the issue, we were surprised to learn that he didn’t know about the bill.

However, we doubt our astonishment will be anywhere near what Representative Backer may feel when he learns that he’s a co-author of Garofalo’s bill, as of yesterday, Thursday February 23, 2017.

Last month, Backer wrote constituents to tell us that he attended the Governor’s Water Summit a week before it in fact happened. At least he had the sense to apologize for that Back to the Future blunder.

Photo: Rep. Jeff Backer.

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