This is a blog started when Bluestem Prairie experienced technical publishing difficulties involving our long-term host. While those problems get resolved, we’ve set up this extra site to post in the interim. It will likely be kept one those problems are fixed, since we been wanting to post about the beauties of nature and other such things that don’t directly have to do with Minnesota politics.

Extra! Bluestem Prairie is a project edited and maintained by Sally Jo Sorensen, a resident of rural Ortonville in Big Stone County, Minnesota.

Sorensen can be contacted by email at sally.jo.sorensen@gmail.com or by postal mail at 33166 770th Avenue, Ortonville, MN 56278.

We appreciate being named as the first place of publication for original and investigative posts; we do not speak “on background” about our original research. Simply cite it, as per Associated Press guidelines for attribution and per best social media practices everywhere. We strive to credit all original sources that we cite here.